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SkylineDx at the forefront of a genomic revolution

SkylineDx is dedicated to optimize therapeutic decision making through the development of molecular diagnostic tests for blood cancers and thereby improving the quality of life of blood cancer patients.

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Learn more about MMprofiler™, the lead product of SkylineDx. It is a prognostic test to determine the level of risk of a multiple myeloma patient by classifying such patient into a “high” or “standard” risk group with the use of the novel SKY92 gene signature.

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A short video introducing SkylineDx’s new molecular prognostic test for multiple myeloma (MM): the MMprofiler.


Introducing SkylineDx

SkylineDx is a pioneer in the field of molecular diagnostics through developing and commercializing innovative, signature-based diagnostics with a high clinical value that help to provide physicians and patients with the best individual care possible.

Dharminder Chahal , CEO

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